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RexaZyte Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY RexaZyte Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

It is not a secret that there are numerous men all over the world who suffer from disorders such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive. When the man reaches 30, his body starts to reduce its production of testosterone, a major hormone responsible for sex drive and erection quality. This is a natural ageing process, but it can be very disappointing to have a bad sexual life. This may have a negative impact on all the other aspects of life. If you have any of the higher mentioned ailments, don't worry too much unless your erectile dysfunction and low libido are caused by a serious medical condition. The modern market offers many things you can use to fight these issues. These are male enhancement products that have been designed to cope with these issues. Rexazyte is one of such supplements. These male enhancement pills are produced by a company named Cybex Biotech. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and is priced at $39.95. It will last for thirty sessions. There is absolutely nothing on this company online, which is the first red flag.

The official website does not disclose the legal company name, nor gives a trading location. The brand is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. We did not find anything about them on the company either. To contact the company, you will need to fill in a contact form found on the official website or call at the phone number 1-800-816-7712. Once we browsed the RexaZyte official website, we understood why the company is so secretive - their site is full of false health claims. Everything indicates that it is a scam. Potential users of RexaZyte are claimed to experience unrealistic effects. It promises to fix low sex drive, erectile dysfunction issues, and premature ejaculation. The company even promises that the product will lead to permanent penile growth when used regularly. You are promised to see 4-5 inches of additional penis length after using the product for 10 weeks, which is a lie. Let us discuss what ingredients are found in the product.

Ingredients of RexaZyte - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


The manufacturer of RexaZyte does not provide enough information about the ingredients in the formula on their site. So, we had to do our own research and have found that two capsules of the product contain Proprietary Complex 1600mg (L-Arginine Nitrate, Tribulus Terrestris, Vitis Vinifera, Muira Puama, L-Citruline, Maca Root, Avina Sativa Extract, Long Jack, Long Pepper Extract, Butea Superba, Tribulus Aquaticus), Vitamin B3 45mg. One of the major ingredients in the product is Butea Superba. It is associated with a number of clinical studies. For example, in 2012 there was a study for Butea Superba for dedicated to its ability to deal with erectile dysfunction. It was rather inconclusive; thus, more investigation is required to find out whether it is useful for the condition or not. Another study in 2006 researched the ability of Butea Superba to enhance penile erections in rats. It found out that ethanol extracts of B. superba can really enhance penile erections for rats. However, this study cannot apply to humans due to many differences in systems. There is no evidence that Butea Superba can lead to permanent penile enlargement.

The studies of Butea Superba in humans are very inconclusive. The scientists failed to prove if it is helpful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. WebMD has concluded that there is lack of evidence for the effectiveness of Butea Superba to treat erectile dysfunction and low interest in sexual activity. Despite all this, RexaZyte contains other substances that may be theoretically useful for elevating libido levels. For example, an ingredient named Maca Root has shown positive results when tested for increasing sex drive. Some other ingredients inside the formula may also be helpful in a way. It should be remembered that this product is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. You are not recommended to use this product if you have heart problems or high blood pressure. It is also not for usage by people under the age of 18. Let us take a look at potential side effects of this male booster, as well as some real users' review to check whether RexaZyte works or not.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

RexaZyte official website does not mention any potential side effects of the supplement; however, there is a number of reports from real customers of the product. We have compiled a list of possible side effects based on the components found inside the formula. They include indigestion, gassing, bloating, stomach ache, diarrhea, hot flashes, heart burn and increased heart rate. This dietary supplement may make prostate conditions worse (like prostate cancer and benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH)). These side effects are possible among healthy users too.

We have found a great number of RexaZyte testimonials from real customers online. Not all reviews are as positive as claims made by the users of the product. They say that the supplement failed to enlarge their penis size by 4-5 inches in ten weeks, as promised by the manufacturer. It has not proved to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction either. Many people have not noticed boosted sex drive levels. The product cannot delay ejaculation or allow customers to last longer during intercourse. In a word, many users claims that it is a horrible yet very expensive product. It is not worth the money it costs. There is a great number of customer reviews on Amazon but most of them carry a negative character. Let's check what people are writing about their experience of using RexaZyte.

"RexaZyte does not work for me at all. I have had erectile problems within the last several years. It seems that these capsules are full of sugar. I have used the whole bottle as recommended but I saw no results at all. I don't think that this supplement can deal with serious sexual problems. Do not waste your money on this stuff."

"Rexazyte dills did absolutely nothing for me and I decided to request a refund, since the company offers 100% money back guarantee. I called the customer service several times but they did not even respond. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Waste of time and money."

"Rexa Zyte is not a good product at all. It did nothing good to me. I regret having wasted my money. People behind this thing are liars and should be in jail! I also got major headache from taking this product, so it has the opposite effect to what is said on the site."

Where To Buy RexaZyte?

This product was only available on the official website of the manufacturer but now it can also be found on third-party stores stores online. For instance, Amazon sells this supplement. One-month supply of RexaZyte costs $38.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Rexazyte does not seem to be a good male enhancement supplement. It proves to be ineffective for reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, elevation of the user's libido levels, increasing penis size and improving sex life in general. The manufacturer's claims seem to be fake. The supplement contains some ingredients that can cause certain side effects and adverse reactions. Generally, the product is not guaranteed to provide the users with all the benefits. The manufacturer uses a proprietary blend probably to mask amounts of individual ingredient. There is no publicly available information about the company manufacturing the product. Money-back guarantee does not appear to work. Taking into account these drawbacks, RexaZyte cannot be recommended to usage.